Lab Skills for Clinical Research Staff

Lab Skills for Clinical Research Staff is a one-day course offered by Imperial College Academic Health Science Centre, for members of the clinical research team to learn the basics of sample handling, processing and storing.

We will discuss safety issues and how to ensure you are working in an appropriate preparation area when handling samples.

You will have the opportunity to complete a risk assessment and establish what documentation is needed to support your work in sample preparation/lab areas.

There will be hands on training in centrifugation, pipetting, cleaning up spills and packaging samples for safe shipping.

There will also be a short tour of various lab facilities to demonstrate what you need in order to establish a safe sample preparation area workplace.

Learning Objectives:

Lab Practical- Hands on Training

Facilitators: Sharon Wood,  Beata Szitasi-Sieha,  Cristina Realingo, Joel Abrahams, Suzanne Fagerbrink, Hristo Stalev, Lisa Del Bel Beluuz and Kelly Gleason

How to centrifuge correctly.

How to remove your gloves without contamination.

How to decant correctly…without bubbles.



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