New Induction Framework aimed at clinical research staff working in the NHS

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This summer a wonderful new Induction Framework for Clinical Research Staff was launched by the UKCRF Education Group.

This Induction Framework is the result a year-long project by the Education and Training Stream of the UKCRF to offer new staff working in CRFs and anyone working in research in the NHS, a structured framework for induction which can easily be adapted to any research environment and can be used in addition to any local induction requirements.

The UKCRF Induction Framework is based on 9 core themes:

1.    Understanding Research

2.    Research Governance and Ethics

3.    Consent and Recruiting Participants

4.    Study Management

5.    Resource Management

6.    Information Governance

7.    Quality Control Systems and Quality Assurance in Clinical Research

8.    Role of the Institute of Health Research

9.    Role of the UKCRF Network

The suggested duration of the induction period is three months, during which time the new member of staff would be introduced to the core areas of research knowledge and skill.  During this three month period, mentors would also discuss with new staff the levels at which they will be required to develop this research knowledge and skill in their new role.

Each theme of the Induction Framework is presented in tabular format and is dotted with numerable links to the regulations and legislation which govern clinical research in the UK. There are also several links to other useful online resources.  Briefing Sheets are associated with each core theme for added information on selected topics.  Some of you may be familiar with the information in the Briefing Sheets as they were first published as part of the CRC Cymru’s Training Handbook.

An initial assessment would enable managers or mentors to identify where staff already bring knowledge and skill to the new post and therefore meet some of the criteria in the various themes. However, through this initial assessment one would also be able to identify where new staff need to work through, maybe a section of one theme, and decide a plan of action enabling the new staff member to meet what is required by the end of the three month induction period.

I can also see how this Induction Framework could also be very useful to research nurses who are alone in their new role, working more in isolation with no one designated to help guide them through what they need to learn for their new post.  This Framework would give those individuals a guide to what they need to learn but also where to find resources where they may find the information they will need to know.

The Induction Framework can be accessed via the UKCRF Portal.  Anyone working in clinical research in the NHS can receive access to this portal.  If you are interested in having a look at this new Induction Framework, Jill Brown is the contact person for UKCRF Portal. Jill can be reached at

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