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Posted on by Kelly Gleason in Research

The idea of Clinfield arose out of a desire to help research nurses manage a still undefined and in many ways unacknowledged role, to release the full potential of the role and create jobs & career pathways where people can really grow both professionally and personally.

Clinfield would like to help champion the role of the research nurse, help to develop the role, and the people in the role.  We believe this can best be done by building a community where research nurses can share their knowledge and skills and really focus on what is important to them; after all, this is a unique role in the field of nursing.

Our website has started with some of the bare essentials but with your help we hope to grow the resources available here to research nurses.  There is so much we could do!  There are general issues pertinent to all research nurses such as ‘The nurse’s role in informed consent’ but then there are sub-specialties related to these topics with ‘paediatric consent’ & ‘consent for adults lacking capacity’ as examples.

Our blog section can address issues and questions such as, ‘What do I have to consider when costing a study?’ or ‘When does tissue collection come under the Human Tissue Act?’. If you have a question please send it to us, we will find someone with the expertise to give you and others the answers!

We would like your help in spreading the word about Clinfield.  Please encourage any colleagues that you think would benefit to visit our homepage to sign up for more information at – yes they will receive regular updates from us with relevant papers and new blogs – but more importantly, together we can create the most complete resource for research nurses and a place where research nurses can go to receive the answers they are looking for.

We hope you will join us at Clinfield to reach out to all research nurses and invite them to share their experience, their knowledge and their skills but also bring the burning issues that need resolving, to help us all feel happier in our work and our roles.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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